How to put a social media plan in place

To market your pub your pub effectively through social media, you need to have a plan in place. 

By asking yourself some questions about your business, you can get a clear idea of what your social media strategy needs to be. 

Involving some key members of staff in this process could offer valuable insight from their perspective and get them to buy into what you are trying to do.

The whole process shouldn’t take more than half an hour.


Know your audience

The first step towards designing your social media strategy is to identify your target customer.

Start by describing at least three typical locals that you would like to see more of in your pub - it could be families, mums with kids, office workers or even students. Each pub will have slightly different requirements here.

Think about their age, gender, where they travel from, what sort of work they do, the times of day that they visit your pub, particular drinks or dishes that they enjoy. Give each customer type a name. In marketing terms these are called your personas.

Now you need to make a guess as to where you think they spend their time online. Are they Facebook users, Snapchatters, Tweeters, Instagrammers or one of the suited and booted LinkedIn crowd?

Imagine the kind of personalities and media channels that they regularly consume. What sort of tone of voice do you think would appeal to them on social media channels?

Which channels should you use to reach them, and what should your pub's version of that channel look like?


Get your message right

Your next step is to think about what your pub offers to customers. What is it about the place, compared to others in the area, that gets people through the door - over and above them choosing the pub down the road?

Is it live sport on TV, a nearby attraction or landmark, live music, your cask ale selection, prices, good food or the atmosphere?

Whatever it is, think about how you will communicate these USPs in your social media messaging to attract more of the right kind of people to your pub.


Set goals

Using the information you’ve gathered from the first few steps, start thinking about what goals you want to put in place to see if you social strategy is working.

Whether you want to set social targets like boosting the number of likes you have on your Facebook Page, or increasing your number of Twitter followers, or more tangible goals like increasing lunch trade during the week, or attracting mums to come in for coffee at 11am - think about the goals you want to set yourself.

How you are going to achieve them and measure their success?


Skill up

With your marketing personas, messaging and goals all agreed, decide on which social media channels you are going to use to reach the people you want to bring in.

You also need to decide who is going to take responsibility for each element of your strategy.

  • Do they have the skills they need to take control of your pub’s Instagram or Twitter account?
  • Do you need to delegate some Page Roles to your Facebook Page so that staff can help keep it responsive and up to date?
  • If so, what rules are you going to put in place over who manages the Page and when?
  • Does everyone have the permission, kit and apps they need to be able to fulfill their part of your social media strategy?