5 tips to really make the most of Christmas online

Your Website

You're shop window on the internet. By now you should have your Christmas menu typed up and available to download.
Even better is to have an entire page dedicated to Christmas and New Year, where all you're opening hours are clearly displayed, details of any entertainment or special offers are promoted and a dedicated Contact Us form for party booking requests.

Social Media

Starting with Facebook and Twitter, there are 2 things you can do quickly and simply.

One is to update your header image to reflect your Christmas offer, the other is to pin a post about your offer to your profile.

Update your header on Facebook

Update your header on Twitter

When you pin a post to your profile, it's placed at the top of your page (which is otherwise in chronological order), meaning it's more likely to be seen by people visiting your page.

Pin a post on Facebook

Pin a post on Twitter


Consider creating a hashtag for your pub's events and promote it along with the event. This encourages customers posting to social media to use your hashtag, making it easier for you to find all the posts about your event later, to share some on Facebook.

Read more about hashtags here

Take your fun and games online

What could be better than lots of customers posting smiling pictures of themselves in your pub to your Facebook page? Simple social competitions that require the customer to both visit your pub and post about it can prove popular. The worst Christmas jumper throughout December anyone?


Bring them back in January

Think of creative ways to bring people back in January, whilst also keeping your social media active. Does everyone tagged in the worst Christmas Jumper competition win a small voucher to redeem in January? Will people who tweet a photo of their Christmas party using your hashtag win something? It's considered 7 times cheaper to keep an exisiting customer than to attract a new one, so don't see the increase in numbers at Christmas as just a one off.