Many apps allow you to post to several platforms at once, saving you time. There are a few things you should be aware of though

The Tools



Possibly the most famous and simplest way to cross post. Once you've selected your photo and applied any filters or edits to it, you come to the publish screen. This is where you enter your caption for the post. Further down you'll see options to share to Facebook and Twitter (amongst others). Posting over to Facebook works, but when you cross-post to Twitter:



The problem with this is simple, it's posting a link to another social media platform. Here's another example:


People want to stay in the platform they're on


If I'm browsing Twitter, I don't want a link that takes me to Instagram to see your picture - I want to see the picture in my timeline.


Another tool can help with that: Hootsuite


Here's a post from Hootsuite on Twitter:




And here on Facebook: 



 Much better! Now the posts look as if they've been posted from within each app.


There are many apps that can cross post for you - when you're looking at which one to use, check if it posts images to each platform or just posts links. Posts which look 'native' to each social media will always perform better.


For more details on Hootsuite and how you can use it, click here