There are many tools to help you manage your social media. Hootsuite is perfect for keeping an eye on everything from one place.

Introducing the Owl


Hootsuite is a Social Media Management Tool that allows you to connect all your social media into one place. It allows you to:

  • View all your social media accounts at once
  • Post to multiple social media in one go
  • Schedule posts to go out at the best time
  • Save searches based on keywords or location

It offers you a Dashboard made up of streams going vertically across the page. Each stream can consist of:

  • A social media timeline
  • Scheduled posts for a social media
  • A search on a social media

So in the example below, you can see 3 streams; the pub's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Feeds.

Hootsuite Dashboard


As you can see, this allows you to see what's going on in your social media at a glance. There's a mobile app for it as well, so you can see your streams on the go. Best of all it's free for upto 3 social media accounts.


Hootsuite has a fantastic quick-start guide which you can find here

Once set up, check out this article on how to save local searches in Hootsuite